Previous years Programmes

Here are the programmes of talks from previous years.

The Programme for 2019 was:

  • Wed 23rd January: AGM and Social
  • Wed 27th February: “English Sparkling Wine” by Nick Hall
  • Wed 27th March: “The Darker Side of Dickens” by Geoff Doel
  • Wed 24th April: “A Schoolgirls War”  by Mary Smith
  • Wed 22nd May: “History of the Red Arrows” by Guy Bartlett
  • Tues 25th June: Medway river trip with afternoon tea and tour of Allington Castle. cost £30
  • Wed 25th September: “History of Canals” by Chris Woodward.
  • Wed 23rd October: “The Four Minute Warning – What would have happened” by Guy Bartlett covers the post-war threat of Nuclear war.
  • Wed 27th Nov: “Don’t Sneeze at the microphone” by Wilf Lower

The Programme for 2018 was:

  • Wednesday  24th January: Annual General Meeting.
  • Wednesday 28th February: “A Schoolgirls War” by Mary Smith.
  • Wednesday 28th March: ENSA or “Every night Something Awful”
    by Delia Taylor 
  • Wednesday 25th April: “Walking the Saxon Shore Way” by Ian Balmer.
  • 23rd May: “The Bits that Don’t Fit” by Steve Hopkins, a miscellany of items.
  • Wednesday 27th June: Summer Outing. A 45 minute afternoon trip on the Bewl Belle, followed by a cream tea.
  • Wednesday 26th September: “The Life of Edith Cavell” by Melanie Gibson-Barton.
  • Wednesday 24th October: “Handbells Talk and Demonstration” by Mary Douglas.
  • Wednesday 28th November: “The History of Mote Park” by Simon Ginnaw,

The Programme for 2017 was:

  • Wednesday 22nd February – at the Village Club My Life as a Tillergirl by Jackie Simmonds
  • Wednesday 22nd March – at the Village Club The Wars of the Roses by Keith Beckford
  • Wednesday 26th April – at the Village Club – A Walk in the Clouds by Kevin Reynolds
  • Wednesday 24th May – in the Vestry Hall The Wealden Iron Industry from the Iron Age to the Early 19th Century by Jeremy Hodgkinson
  • Wednesday 28th June – Summer Outing Little Mill Farm; Afternoon Wildlife walk and cream tea with Peter Hall
  • Wednesday 27th September – in the Vestry Hall Teston and the Anti Slavery Movement by Dawn Page
  • Wednesday 25th October – in the Vestry Hall Ordnance Survey Ancient and Modern by Colin Brown
  • Wednesday 22nd November – in the Vestry Hall Why is Shale Gas Different – and will we see drilling rigs in Marden? by Peter Kershaw
  • The programme for 2016 was:
  • Wednesday 24th January – Annual General Meeting 
  • Wednesday 24th February – Finding a Family – Tony Farnham Tony was adopted as a child and this is the story of tracing his birth parents.
  • Wednesday 30th March – The Vikings are Coming – Imogen Corrigan Their conquest, art, culture and much more about these feared warriors.
  • Wednesday 27th April – The Coal Mining Industry in Kent – Jim Davies Jim was a miner in the East Kent coalfields.
  • Wednesday 25th May – The Huguenot Museum – Amy Dimmock A brief history of the Huguenots in Kent, why they came, where they settled and what they did.
  • Wednesday 22nd June – Summer Outing – visit to Lullingstone Castle and the World Garden
  • Wednesday 28th September – Medway: Tales from the Dividing River Wilf Lower returns with tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things on the River Medway
  • Wednesday 26th October – Gavelkind – Imogen Wedd Imogen is a local speaker talking about the medieval practice of inheritance.
  • Wednesday 23rd November – Our County Regiment – Col. Peter Cook Peter is another local speaker reviewing the history of Kent’s Regiments.

The programme for 2015 was:

  • WEDNESDAY 25 FEBRUARY – Wilf Lower – “Lost Empires”  The last days of Music Hall & Variety
  • WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH – Simon Ginnaw – “Wildlife of Mote Park”
  • WEDNESDAY 22 APRIL – Chris McCooey – “Despatches from the Home Front WW2”
  • WEDNESDAY 27 MAY- Tom Whittle – “The PLUTO Pipeline” A section of this passes through Marden
  • THURSDAY 25th June – Summer Outing – 3 hour Medway Cruise on Kentish Lady
  • WEDNESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER – Victoria Golding “ Kent’s Coronation Meadow”
  • OCTOBER – Brian Rance – –“Walking Through Kent and East Sussex”
  •  WEDNESDAY 25 NOVEMBER – Steve McArragher – “Seashells in Bearsted” The life of Sir Marcus Samuel

The programme for 2014 was:

  • 26 FEBRUARY – Mike Apps – “Fingerprinting” Its development and uses
  • 26 MARCH – John & Peggy Scott – “Pearly Kings & Queens” All there is to know about the traditions!
  •  23 APRIL – Dr Ann Knief – “The Bevin Boys” How they were enlisted for war service in the mines
  • 28 MAY – Kevin Reynolds – “Best of Kent” A talk on our historic County of Kent
  • 25 JUNE – “Outing to a local place of interest”
  • 24 SEPTEMBER – Gillian Ellen – “A Talk about the MEDWAY QUEEN”
  • 22 OCTOBER – Angela & Mike Cartwright – “Being an Olympics Volunteer” A talk on their experiences as Volunteers
  •  28 November – Edith Davis – “In the steps of the Ancient Greeks” – A Cruise
  • 28 JANUARY 2015 – Annual General Meeting

The programme for 2013 was:

  • Wednesday 27 February – Dr Roger Eltringham on “Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide”. The history of the Charity in developing countries
  • Wednesday 27 March – Rod le Gear on “Underground Kent”
    This interesting speaker is paying a third visit
  • Wednesday 24 April – Paul Hal on “The White Cliffs and Samphire Hoe”
  • Wednesday 22 May – Helen Allinson on “The Story of Toys”
  • June – Possible Outing to Brattle Farm Museum
  • Wednesday 25 September – Ian Porter on “East End Murders – 1811 1911”
  • Wednesday 23 October – John Reuter on “Bugs, Plagues and Pestilences”
  • Wednesday 22 November – Maureen Clayton on “The Story of Charity”
    From Piety to big business and glitz
  • Wednesday 22 January 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
    Followed by Cheese & Wine Social

The programme for 2012 was:

  • 25th January: AGM and cheese & wine social
  • 29th February: Pendenden Heath : Executions, punishments, rebellion meeting point – the history of the Heath and some local inhabitants and well known rogues or dignitaries.
  • 28th March: Smuggling in Kent : Heyday of smuggling in 18th and 19th centuries. Methods adopted by these ‘honest thieves’
  • 25th April : Birds of Southeast England
  • 23rd May : USS Richard Montgpmery : Why was it wrecked on Middle Sands off Sheerness? Why is the current cargo a potential danger as the ship deteriorates.
  • 27th June : Outing to Horlands Farm
  • 26th September : The Mary Rose : Historical background and the time in history. His own personal involvement in its salvage.
  • 24th October : The Maidstone Dinosaur : The world’s first semi-complete dinosaur skeleton was found in Maidstone.
  • 28th November : Reformers & Martyrs : Sir John Oldcastle of Cooling, a Lollard in the 1380s. John Frith of Westerham, a Reformer. John Rogers of Riverhill, a translator and martyr. Edward Dering of Pluckley, a Puritan.

The programme for 2011 was:

  • 26th January 2011: AGM and cheese & wine social
  • 23rd March: Chris Doel on ‘All round the year – customs’
  • 25th May: Anthea Bryant on ‘Canterbury – the hidden city. Saints and pilgrims including the sailing of the Mayflower’
  • 28th September: Chris McCooey on ‘Kent scandals – sensational, salacious and sad’
  • 23rd November: Colin Breed on ‘Zeebrugge – the story of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster of March 1987, including the police investigation and Old Bailey trial’

The programme for 2010 was:

  • 24th March: D J March on ‘The story of English cheeses’
  • 26th May: A speaker from the Brogdale Fruit Collection,
    located near Faversham. The collection includes over 3,500 named apple, pear, plum, cherry, bush fruit, vine and cob nut cultivars. It is part of an international programme to protect plant genetic resources for the future
  • 22nd June (Tuesday!): Nick Hall is giving a tour of the Marden vineyard and winery starting at 7.30pm. The tour will last just over an hour (meeting venue to be decided). After the tour, anyone who wants to join some of us for a drink/meal at a local hostelry is very welcome
  • 22nd September: Angela Mutana on ‘Benjamin Harris – Ightham grocer & archaeologist’
  • 24th November: Chris Wade on ‘A walk around the Saxon Shore Way’ (part 2)