Marden Walking Group



Marden Walking Group was established in February 2005 and is affiliated to the Marden Society. Its primary aim was to update the “Walks around Marden” leaflets originally published by the Marden Society in the 1970s. Our first set of “Six Walks Around Marden” was published in 2006, and this was followed by a second set of “Six More Walks Around Marden” published in 2009. When supplies of these were exhausted in 2016, rather than reprint, the Group decided to revise the routes. This was because they were 10 years old and many had changed significantly, especially due to all the recent development in Marden. The first set of “Six New Walks Around Marden” was  published in January 2019 and are available from Marden Library, The Farm Shop and “No 47 High St.” for £5 per set. The walks are:

Walk 1: Circular walk starting and ending at the Unicorn.  2¾ miles/4½ km

Walk 2: Circular walk along the River Beult from the Stilebridge Inn.  4¾ miles/7½ km or 3½ miles/5½ km

Walk 3: Circular walk to Marden Meadow to view the flowers. 4½ miles/7 km

Walk 4: Marden Diamond Jubilee Walk.  6 miles/9½ km

Walk 5: West End Wander. 6½ miles/10½ km.

Walk 6: Circular walk to Turkey Farm. 4 miles/6½ km or 2¼ miles/3½ km

The Walking Group is led by Catherine Alderson and organises three series of regular walks:

Wednesday Walks: These are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, are slightly longer than the Saturday Strolls and may include some stiles. Meet outside the Library at 9.45 a.m. with suitable shoes. We also organise occasional Maintenance Walks to check on the condition and signage of our local footpaths and report back to KCC if necessary, usually on a Tuesday morning.

Saturday Strolls: These are held every Saturday afternoon, with two groups. Group A walk for around 30 minutes and finish with a cup of tea. Group B  walk for 1 – 1½ hours around Marden with no stiles.  Routes depend on the weather and conditions underfoot. For all these Saturday walks, meet at 2 p.m. outside the Library.

Sunday Walks: These are generally held on the first  Sunday of each month and are usually 5-6 miles over paths around Marden (or other local villages) including stiles. Meet at 10.00 in the village car park unless informed otherwise.

Our current programme of Walks is given below, If you would like further information, or would like to be put on an e-mail list to receive information on future walks, please contact Steve McArragher (

Programme for March/April 2020

LONG DISTANCE WALKS:  Finishing off Saxon Shore Way in reverse will start again in April on Tuesdays 14/21/28.  The next section will be from Folkestone to Dover. Please contact Ian  Balmer 01622 831578 for arrangements.

B Walks   Meet at Library 2.00 pm for a 1 hour walk.
March 7th Mick Ward                          14th  Chris Ward
March 21 is Litter picking day and we will be instructed
March 28th   Catherine Alderson
April 4th   Colin Coomber                     April 11th EASTER
April 18th  Catherine Alderson             April 25th Colin Addison

Health Walks will recommence in April. Meet at 2.00pm at Bramley Court
April 4th   Catherine Alderson             April 11th EASTER
April 18th  Jo Mitchell                          April 25th Catherine Alderson

SUNDAY WALK:  29th MARCH: WEST END WANDER  No. 5 of our leaflets, 6 miles. Meet at the Library 10.00am, led by Geoff Burr.

Programme for February 2020

We did not lead any walks in January for a number of reasons, but mainly the ground conditions. During February we have decided that the conditions under foot are still so wet and muddy that we cannot lead any country walks. However we will meet outside the Library on Saturdays at 2 p.m. and on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. to do short walks on paved roads or paths followed by coffee/tea breaks to offer fresh air, exercise and time for a chat.