Data Protection Statement

Under the latest General Data Protection (GDPR) regulations, we are required to inform you of you we store and use your personal data, and  to give you the option to to opt out of receiving communications from us.  Here  is our statement on how we protect your data, which we have tried to keep as short and simple as possible.

As a member of the Marden Society you have given us your name, address, phone number and in some cases your email address.   

This data  is held by the committee on domestic computers which are protected by standard anti-virus software, to enable us to contact you about meetings and trips.

We may also use photographs of past events on our website and in our magazine, the Parish Pump. 

We confirm that this information is used exclusively in connection with Marden Society affairs and will not be divulged to anybody outside of the Marden Society.

Under the new GDPR law that came into operation in May we need to ask you to confirm that we can continue to use this information.
If you do not wish us to store and use your personal data, please let us know as soon as possible. You have the right to opt out at any time by informing the Committee.